Pride of Place: Living

Multi-generational community-led LGBTQ+ housing in Leeds

Pride of Place Living will be located in Leeds and will be an exciting LGBTQ+ housing scheme.

This large-scale project will provide a multi-generational living environment. There will be a mix of different types of homes and tenures to suit the range of age and care related needs in the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, we wish to provide housing for a number of LGBTQ+ families and for younger LGBTQ+ people at risk of homelessness.

The design of the housing project will focus on accessibility, adaptability and affordability.

By creating purpose-built multi-generational life-long housing we hope to create an environment that will encourage intergenerational peer-support and thus increase safety, and reduce loneliness and isolation.

New Prospectus for 2023

Including valuable input from community workshops and design discussions, our new prospectus sets out progress to date, as well updated design specifications and a financial model for Pride of Place Living.

Community Engagement

Front page of report "Community Engagement for Design". Features graphic of colourful silhouettes in the shape of houses.

This groundbreaking report reveals the design priorities of LGBTQ+ people in Leeds who engaged in a series of workshops and focus groups in 2022. Discussions centred around the themes of ‘Solidarity and Safety’, ‘The Living Environment’ and ‘Accessibility’ in housing. These themes were drawn from an extensive online survey of 456 LGBTQ+ respondents in Leeds and the surrounding area undertaken in 2021.

The findings enabled Phoebe Nickols, architect and author of the report, to identify seven key design principles that form the foundation for the design of a multi-generational, life-long and inclusive LGBTQ+ affirmative community. The objective of Pride of Place Living is to develop these key design principles and establish this project.

The report also includes examples, with images and explanatory text, of established housing schemes and innovative architectural ideas that are relevant to the priorities identified by people in the Leeds LGBTQ+ community.

William Sutton Prize

Winning this award has made it possible to commission advice and support in the areas of finance, design and further engagement with the LGBTQ+ community in Leeds.

Engagement has also been supported by small grants by a number of Leeds City Councillors.

Pride of Place Leeds is delighted to have won the William Sutton Prize 2021/22 for Social Innovation.

Community Consultation

In 2021, we undertook a survey to better understand the need for multi-generational housing scheme for LGBTQ+ people in Leeds. 456 participants responded with a 69% full completion rate. 40% of respondents said they would move into LGBT+ affirmative housing and 23% said they wanted more information.

Read the full findings of our report, “The Future of LGBTQ+ Living in Leeds” here.

In 2022, we facilitated a series of workshops and focus groups exploring housing and community design issues with people from Leeds’ LGBTQ+ communities. Workshops were planned around themes identified in the 2021 survey: ‘Solidarity and Safety’, ‘The Living Environment’ and ‘Accessibility’.

Project Freedom Prospectus

In 2020 we created a prospectus to outline the case for Pride of Place Living, a purpose-built multigenerational life-long co-housing project for the LGBT+ community in Leeds.

Read the initial 2020 Housing Proposal here.

Conceptual Ideas

We have been working with Elliot Architecture to develop conceptual ideas for Pride of Place Living.

These concepts reflect our vision of creating a sustainable community which connects and empowers people to live, work and play independently.

A full PDF is also available.

Our Aims

Pride of Place Living is striving to create an inclusive, accessible and safe space for both its residents and the wider LGBTQ+ community.