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Previous Events

LGBTQ+ Open Mic at Flamboyance

We’re so excited to be sharing our new LGBTQ+ open Mic Night! Bring along a song, poem, some stand-up comedy or be an audience member to something completely new and exciting. Entry is free and you’ll be able to purchase refreshments at the venue. Sign up here The night will be hosted by Lilian, a…

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Design Workshop: The Future of LGBTQ+ Living In Leeds

Using physical objects and visual images, have your say and help us to take our design to the next level! Continuing from our successful programme of workshops and focus groups throughout 2022, this 2 hour interactive workshop will form the next decisive step in shaping the use of space in Leeds’ first LBGTQ+ affirmative housing.…

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Workshop 3: Accessibility

Our third workshop  we’re looking to explore what accessibility means to you and together how we can create an accessible living environment for both residents and the wider community.

April 28th 6.00-7.30pm

Workshop: Solidarity and Safety

Our first Pride of Place Living Workshop is happening on 17th February 2022 and will cover themes of inclusivity, safety and security for LGBTQ+ affirmative housing. This Workshop will be held virtually and is free to sign up for. We want to explore how to create spaces of connection within a communal living environment, whilst…

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