Leeds’ first LGBTQ+ housing project and community space

We’ve Officially Launched Our Report!

On the 10th June we launched our report, which published the results, findings and recommendations from the LGBTQ+ Survey held in 2021. Read the whole report now!

Donate to our fundraiser!

We are in the process of applying for various pots of money to support our work, and are in need of some bridging funds in the meantime.

We’d really appreciate any donations you can manage to our fundraiser, no contribution is too small!

Whether you can donate or not, forwarding our campaign to your friends, contacts and networks would be a huge help. More details on what exactly we are fundraising for can be found on our GoFundMe page: gofundme.com/f/pop-leeds

We’re changing our name!

Please bear with us as we transition our website and contact information to our new name Pride of Place Leeds.

Pride of Place Leeds

Our vision is to enable the creation of a vibrant and sustainable LGBT+ community in central Leeds where LGBT+ people can live, work, and enjoy life independently.

An LGBT+ community-led organisation, Pride of Place Leeds is comprised of two projects that will share premises and services:

  1. Pride of Place Living: a Housing project that aims to construct 70 high quality, fully accessible, flexible and affordable homes in central Leeds.
  2. Pride of Place Cultural Community Space: the creation of a Cultural and Community Space for the LGBTQ+ community in Leeds.

Pride of Place Leeds is currently in the preliminary and planning phase of development, actively seeking new members, contributors and partners.